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Here at Ballistic Beer Co. HQ, we don’t often take ourselves too seriously, I mean we brew beer after all. But we thought it would be a good idea to sit down over a quiet brew and discuss the wonderful beverage we have dedicated our lives to, it’s place in the world and why we love it so much. After much discussion we came up with our Beerlosophy.

We believe that beer is the greatest beverage in the world. Full stop.

Beer is special, it does things that no other beverage does. It encourages conversation, promotes community and encourages collaboration. A beer is something you share with your mates, brings people together and is perfect to enjoy with food or to wind down with after a hard day at the work. It’s ability to relax, satisfy, surprise and inspire are second to none.

Beer is a complex tapestry of thousands of flavour compounds, masterfully woven and only limited by a brewer’s imagination. We believe it is something to be savoured, explored and enjoyed. The simple joy of getting your hands on a beer that you’ve never had before, the little thrill you get as you open it not knowing what it will taste like, taking time to mull over its complexities and delicacies, contemplating the work that goes into creating it and sharing that experience with others is one of life’s great pleasures. But we don’t always do that, we also live for taking a 6 pack to a mate’s place, sipping on a clean refreshing beer on a Saturday afternoon and allowing the conversation to flow. Neither is right or wrong, it just showcases beer’s ability to come to the party in any situation. It can be the focus of the situation or take a back seat and enhance peoples’ experience. Good beer fits easily into any environment and makes it better.

We believe that fermentation is king. Brewers in the modern world all have access to the freshest and best malt and hops on offer. They can test and define the water they use with scientific equipment and they brew in modern stainless steel vats. So where is the magic? What makes a good beer great? We believe the key to making great beer comes from the one uncertain variable in brewing – fermentation. Healthy, happy, vital yeast in the correct environment and temperature, given enough time to do their work. Someone great probably once said “Treat your yeast well and they’ll reward you with great beer.” So we love and care for those little guys. We don’t rush them and we only ever let them listen to good music.

But most of all we believe beer should be fun. It’s all about enjoyment, entertaining and being entertained. Marvel in its wonder and remember that beer can change your world, or it can refresh your soul. Enjoy a beer and be happy.

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