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SWYD New England IPA Launched January 24, 2019

If you are regular follower of Ballistic, you’ll probably know that we have released another Sleep When You’re Dead beer – the second release of our super-popular NEIPA.  For those who have not been following us, the SWYD series are hop-loaded beers, 100% cold stored and sold within 8 weeks of production.  The “Sleep When You’re Dead” name reflects the fact that these beers are brewed to be drunk fresh. Our aim as a brewery is to ensure that every person that buys a Ballistic Beer in a can or off the tap in a bar gets to taste the same beer as our customers walking into the brewery and buying a beer over our bar.

In truth, all beer is born to die.  Beer starts to age from the day it leaves the fermenter. SWYD beers are our way of ensuring that you will taste beer in the absolute best condition possible outside our brewery. Age and temperature are devastating to fresh beer. The data shows that if a beer spends 7 days at 30°C, it will taste the same as a beer stored at 0°C for 190 days! 

Try leaving one of your beers out in the sun for a couple of days and then taste it against a refrigerated beer. Taste a beer that has sat in a cupboard for 6 months and then taste it fresh from a good bottle shop or directly from the brewery – you’ll understand what we are talking about. The difference is huge and we want Ballistic customers to experience what a cold-chained, super fresh beer tastes like.

This especially applies to big hopped beers – the hop flavour drops off over time and that super-hoppy, juicy flavour is a mere shadow of what Lachy and the team puts in the can.

Fresh beer is really important to us and getting it to you in the condition we want you to drink it is a driving force in our brewery. So, SWYD is our way of putting our money where our mouth is – we guarantee that any SWYD beer you buy has been stored and shipped refrigerated (and that’s all the way to NSW, Victoria or WA) and will not be available after March 19.

So, if you want to taste great hoppy fresh beer, give a SWYD a go. Keep your eyes peeled for each release. Remember, it’s the quick or the dead.  Get it now or miss out!

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