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Best Reason Ever to Go Ballistic?

Best reason ever to go Ballistic? Ballistic Beer Co is feeling reFRESHED!

Best reason ever to go Ballistic? Ballistic Beer Co is feeling reFRESHED! At Ballistic Beer we have always prided ourselves on making top quality beer and listening to our customers. Earlier this year we conducted a number of focus groups and online surveys to gather information on what our customers wanted and based on that information we have made a number
of changes to the range culminating in a fourpoint plan: a liquid refresh, can refresh, name refresh and price refresh.

Our customers told us our old, one-colour can designs didn’t reflect the liquid inside so we began working on a fresh look. Our new can designs are lighter, brighter and better reflect the personality of the beers so consumers can see the beers on the shelf and easily identify what style of beer is in each can.

We had a great base to work from as our core range has served us very well, but the taste of consumers changes extremely quickly in the craft beer market and we needed to evolve.

Cold One will be replacing our previous Mid-Strength Pilot Light. The recipe is based on our old Pilot Light and has been tweaked with an all new Hop Bill to minimize the piney flavour and changes have been made to the mash schedule to increase the fullness in body of the beer.

We have retired our Dirty Word Lager and replace it with our new Lager. Based on our Springfield
Pilsner recipe we have reduced the ABV to 4.4% and simplified the malt and hop bill to make this
beer approachable for all.

Pale Ale has had a slight reduction in ABV but maintains the same great flavour with only a slight change in the water salt profile to enhance the softness on the palate.

Our most highly awarded beer, Oaked XPA, has had a slight change in the ABV dropping down to 5.5%.

Our new IPA is a new recipe creating a more contemporary flavour which is on trend with craft beer drinkers. Our Revelation IPA will continue to be available as part of our always available range. It’s the best reason to go Ballistic!

Tasting Notes

Old New Tasting Notes
Pale Ale 5.2% Pale Ale 4.6% Light and refreshing. A light bright contemporary Pale Ale with tropical and spicy hopnotes.
Dirty Word Lager 5% Lager 4.4% A crisp and refreshing lager, dry and light in body with noble hop characteristics.
Pilot Light 3.5% Cold One 3.5% A full bodied, bright tropical and complex beer punching well above its weight. Cold One is an out and out craft beer high in flavour and self-control.
Revelation IPA 6.5% IPA 5.8% Contemporary IPA on trend with Aussie drinkers. Light malt body designed to prop up brighter hops. Complex yet inviting hop bill with fruity, piney, berry and earthy characters. An IPA for drinking.
Oaked XPA 5.8% Oaked XPA 5.5% A full bodied Xtra Pale Ale. Fresh mango and grapefruit notes are complimented from vanilla characters from the toasted American oak.

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  1. The changes to your beers sound exciting, can’t wait to taste them.

  2. Can’t wait to try these.

  3. Looks good will need to grab a box

  4. Some nice changes. However not a big fan of Lower abv content in all beers? Would be nice to cater to those with a preference to high strength tasty Craft beers. Maybe invite more of these guest brewers in to accommodate if ballistic can’t?

    I do love ballistic beers and I hate to sound negative but can’t help but feel it’s becoming more commercialised. (A big turn off for real craft beer drinkers) And I get that it’s a business so it needs to be a viable and a sustainable one if its to stick around springfield👍 Would hate it to become another Matilda Bay (although having a multi million dollar turnover like them is hard to not aim towards them?

    Despite all This I’ll still support local businesses in my area! 🤦‍♂️Keep up the good work, just get more crafty! 👍

    • Alan, thanks for your feedback. If I felt that we had compromised the flavours to get the lower ABVs I would also be upset. We still retain our revelation IPA at 6.5% and Grandfather (though not in cans) at 7%. Our new IPA is still at 5.8%. But our research has shown that most consumers do not really care about the ABV as long as the beverage is tasting great. I can certainly vouch for the flavour – even the Pale that has dropped only 0.3% suddenly has a greater hop profile than previously. Also rest assured high ABV beers are still here to stay – last week’s Sleep when you are dead was 8.4%!!

      We are talking through the full range tomorrow night at 5.30 on our Live Facebook feed. Check in and see all the work that has been done on the range and why we have made the decision we have, There’s actually quite a lot behind a simple rebrand and relaunch!

      And thanks for your support. Springfield is certainly here to stay.

      Cheers David

  5. Sounds like you’ve watered the lower range down and made them more generic. As a long time customer, this initially strikes me as a strange choice.. 4% “lagers” and “pale ale” just like everyone else? Is this really what people want? I guess you’ve done your research… So long as the limited releases keep coming I guess everyone can be happy. Does one pay for the other like Volkswagens and Bugattis? Hopefully.

    • Kevin, hi and thanks for your comments. Rest assured, as CEO, I am 100% confident that the moves we have made with the core range are 1. Done to satisfy what our customers are asking for, and 2. Are still resulting in beers that I am 100% confident are beers that stand out in the craft beer market as fantastic beers that craft beer drinkers will find totally satisfying.

      We are doing a live Facebook talk tomorrow night at 5.30pm. Why not hop on the feed and listen to why we have made the decision we did about our core range and see what you think. If you are in our fee delivery zone, order a mixed four-pack and try the beers with us as we work through each one.

      Thanks for your support and I truly hope you find them all as satisfying as I believe they are. And if they are, I would love you to post another message with your views.

      Cheers David

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