Peach Iced Tea Twang Sour


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Calling all iced tea fans - you'll love the Ballistic Peach Iced Tea Twang Sour. There's no time for Summertime sadness with this beer - it's one of our best yet!

The unique peach iced tea flavour complements this sour beer perfectly. It is bright, sweet, very moreish and perfect for tropical times with your favourite people. Pouring deep gold with bright peach and tannic ceylon tea aromas with a fine, dissipating white head. The acidity of the base beer elevates the peach notes and the addition of ceylon tea provides a tannic complexity and tea flavours.

This sour is bright, super refreshing and worth trying next time you're in the bottle-o. Can't wait? Purchase now through our online store.

Here's the details on our Peached Iced Tea Twang Sour:
ABV: 4.6%
IBU: 5
Malts: Pale, Wheat
Hops: Tetra hop
Yeast: US05
Bugs: Lacto Plantarum
Other ingredients: White Peach, Ceylon Tea

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