Ballistic Summer Pack!


Lockdowns are tough, but we think that we can add a little bit of excitement with our collaboration care packs!

We’ve teamed up with Lyres and Kelly’s Candies to create mixed packs perfect to break a bit of lockdown boredom.

Pack one is light and bright; it includes Kellys Candy olden Peanut Butter Brittle(200g), Coconut Ice Cubes (220g), 2 each of Lyres, Classico, Amalfi Spritz and G&T and two each of Ballistics Mojito Sour, Low Carb Pale Ale and WaterMeLawn Gose. Perfect for those who want some light & sweet flavour.

Pack 2 is Dark & Stormy; it includes Kellys Candy Dark Turkish Delight(200g), Dark Rocky Road (175g), 3 each of Lyres American Malt & Cola and 3 Dark’n’spicy and two each of Ballistic Eclipse West Coast IPA, Ballistic IPA and Mexican Hot Chocolate Stout.

If you have a friend who needs a little pick me up or just some at-home self-care, this is perfect for you. By teaming up with Lyres we hope to deliver a non-alcoholic offering that allows moderation. Kelly’s Candies are a local Australian owned brand that specialises in treats for a little boost.


Care Pack

Dark n Spicy, Light & Bright