Fractions Solera Table Beer



About the Brew

Fractions is a Table Saison that represents an ongoing exploration into our house mixed culture. Brewed using the solera method, Fractions is the third iteration of our farmhouse solera project and utilises a residual portion of our previous Farmhouse Saison release ‘Story Over Style’. The basis of this house mixed culture goes back to our inaugural release Graft Grisette which was originally brewed back in late 2020.


With a robust grist and a new world hop profile, Fractions delivers big in complexity whilst retaining the delicate and refreshing characteristics you’d expect from a low alcohol Table Saison. The beer has undergone a lengthy bottle conditioning period of 6 months which has contributed to its funk forward profile. It’s rustic and characterful with complex layers of sourdough, earth, herbaceous spice and lemon peel.



ABV: 3.8%

FG: 0.2 P

PH: 3.8

Malt: Veloria, Voodoo, Triticale, Malted Oats, Rolled Wheat

Hops: Perle, Meridian, Mystic

Yeast: House Mixed Culture

STD Drinks: 2.3

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