Bunker Beers Pack



A Pack that with three of our favourite Bunker Beers including our brand new Barrel-Aged Sour collaboration with Dollar Bill Brewing: The Vault! Also included is a Ballistic Branded 420ml Luigi Bormiolli Tasting Glass perfect for pouring into a freshly cracked Bunker Beer!

Vault – Barrel Aged Sour Ale 

Our Fourth Ballistic Bunker Release – Vault Barrel Aged Sour Ale was originally brewed in March 2020 in collaboration with our good friends at Dollar Bill Brewing. Ed and Fiona from Dollar Bill need little introduction in the Australian mixed culture beer scene. Not only are they amazing humans but are true artisans of their craft. They have built an incredible reputation for producing world class, award-winning mixed culture beers that showcase unique regionality and character of their home and brewery located in Invermay, Victoria.

We were incredibly humbled to get their collaborative involvement in this beer. COVID19 complications limited Ed and Fiona taking part in the subsequent blending process as originally planned but we didn’t let that slow us down. We’re thrilled with the final results and are excited to share the beer with the community

As the name implies, Vault has been ‘locked away’ to barrel condition for 15 months  in French oak Pinot Noir barrels. It was then  blended from four selected barrels to express a characterful and bright fermentation characteristics and balanced acidity. This beer features a complex  profile that leaves the palette stimulated. Complimentary lactic and acetic acid character balance well against residual malt sweetness and moderate funk. Bright stonefruit esters showcase notes of apricot and peach.

Vault has been packaed with low-moderate carbonation and has been bottle conditioned for 14 weeks. It’s suited to both immediate drinking or extended cellaring.

750ml 6.5%

Graft – Grissette

A homage to a classic working-class beer style originating in the border region of France and Belgium. Graft is a delicate Grisette inspired beer brewed to highlight drinkability whilst promoting complex subtlety of flavour. Co-fermented with two Saccharomyces and six Brettanomyces strains, the beer exhibits a complex bouquet of fermentation characteristics incorporating bright tropical fruit esters, moderate phenolics and evolving funk. Late and dry-hopped with Pacifica and Hallertau Tradition to showcase notes of orange marmalade, stone fruit and herbaceous earth. It is an effervescent, crisp and refreshing beer that is equally suited to sharing or self-indulgence.

Graft has been released fresh to highlight its delicate hop characteristics with an initially restrained funk. It will continue to develop elevated levels of Brettanomyces driven character and complexity over time.

750mL 4.6%

Shapeshifter Farmhouse Ale

Blurring the boundaries between a Saison and an American IPA. Fermented warm using Saccharomyces ‘Bruxellnsis’ Trois and a tropical blend of five Brettanomyces strains to create a modern farmhouse ale with a bright fruit-driven ester profile, lively carbonation, soft palette, and evolving funk. Pilsner, Wheat and Rye malts provide balanced bready malt character with a hint of spice. Hopped in whirlpool with Motueka and Hallertau Blanc, and generously dry-hopped with Eclipse and Motueka, the beer showcases bright notes of mandarin, lime and sauvignon blanc. Fermentation and hop characters meld into a seductively complex, bold and refreshing farmhouse ale.

Shapeshifter has been released fresh to showcase elevated hop characters in younger examples. It will continue to develop elevated levels of Brettanomyces driven character and complexity over time.

750mL 5.5%