Bunker Concentrate Barrel-Aged Saison


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Concentrate is a rustic barrel-aged Saison that incorporates traditional elements of mixed culture farmhouse brewing with locally made hop concentrate and dry hopping to create a vibrant and complex Saison. Aged for 9 months in ex cognac and shiraz French oak barrels, Concentrate pours pale gold with effervescent, white foam, moderately high carbonation, firm bitterness, and a soft mouthfeel. Bright fresh hop derived grapefruit zest, stone fruit, and herbal spice integrate with subtle barrel-derived vinous, oak and spice. Fermentation characters meld intricately with the hop profile and present a layered flavour profile that develops as the beer warms in the glass.

As a Queensland based brewery, we do not live in a region renowned for hop growing. Our subtropical climate and latitude stipulate that hop bines do not grow optimally here. Despite the obvious challenges, the team at Hilltop Hops in the eastern Brisbane suburb of Hemmant have persevered with their dream and now operates a small hop farm that provides local brewers access to a previously unavailable, seasonal fresh hops. We recently picked and processed a batch of fresh Centennial, Cascade and Victoria hops from Hilltop Hops and set about processing them in a unique, untested manner to create something special. We devised a simple method using cold temperatures and mechanical screening to extract the pure lupulin powder from the hops cones whilst leaving behind the vegetal matter. The process worked and allowed us to extract a workable quantity of high purity lupulin extract

Get the stats on Concentrate:
ABV: 6.6%
IBU: 35
Hops: Saaz, Harlequin, Fresh frozen Centennial, Cascad & Victoria hop hash
Yeast: House Mixed Culture
Malt: Pale Compass, Winter Wheat, Heritage Rye
FG: 0.2 Plato
pH: 3.8
EBC: 11

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