Limited Edition

Coup De Grace Limited Edition Pack


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This Coup De Grace limited edition pack includes:

  • 1 x 500ml can of Coup De Grace 2022 release
  • 1 x 500ml bottle of Coup De Grace 2019 release
  • 1 x Stemmed Teku Glass (so you can drink these beers in style)

Coup de Grace is an annual release that really allows the brew team to showcase what we love about big stouts. These are beers designed to entice and excite. Packing a mélange of huge malt and barrel characters we attempt to package our best annual representation BA Stout. The CDG series are designed for adventurous and indulgent beer connoisseurs.  The are stouts with cellaring in mind. Big, characterful stouts that will continue to develop character over time. Beers to savor and share with friends and family. Imagine sipping a CDG whilst sitting in a tweed jacket by the fireplace, cigar in hand…

Coup De Grace 2022 was brewed in early 2021 before being barrel-aged for 7 months in American Oak ex Rum, Bourbon and Shiraz Barrels and blended to exhibit luxurious malt driven and barrel characteristics. Pouring thick and black with prominent notes of dark chocolate, burnt coffee, dried figs, raisons and sherry. Complex oak character compliments with notes of vanilla, spicy shiraz and sweet dark spirit. Its indulgent, rich, and complex barrel aged imperial stout with a full body and velvety smooth finish. Using an assortment of ex whiskey, rum and red wine barrels we aim to showcase the bold beauty and complexity of BA stouts. With a focus on seasonality we barrel age the beer over the favourable cool winter months and package just as things begin to warm up before summer. Shooting for big complexity and rich flavours the annual Coup de Grace is our flagship imperial stout. Brewed big, aged cool and blended for maximum flavour and enjoyment. An experiment in beery indulgence.

Coup De Grace 2019 is a decisive strike to the senses. Bold and powerful whilst maintaining a seductive drinking experience. Coup De Grace Barrel Aged Imperial Stout has been matured for 6 months in American Oak ex-rum barrels and cold conditioned for a further 6-months prior to packaging. Exhibiting a complex and decadent malt character showcasing roasted coffee, dark chocolate, burnt caramel, dried fruits and cherry. Prominent rum barrel character and asserted bitterness are melded with smooth oak, vanilla and balanced malt sweetness. For lovers of fine barrel aged stout. Not for the faint of heart.

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