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SWYD is all about hops. Ensuring maximum freshness and hop character are our primary objective. This latest SWYD stays true to this ethos but puts a unique spin on things. Historically, the SWYD series focuses on IPAs, and for good reason given that IPA styles are the undoubted kings of hop forward expressions in beer. With that said there a few modern styles that also do it exceptionally well. The New Zealand Pilsner is one such style. It also happens to be a hoppy style that is freaking tasty, refreshing and so well suited to our warm Australian climate. After some consideration we decided incorporating an NZ Pils into our SWYD series had to be done, albeit with a twist.

Make this summer one to remember with our double India Pale Lager. A perfect balance of dry, bitter, and hoppy, this is one summer time brew you won't forget.

ABV: 8%
Hops: HBC682, Motueka, Riwaka.
Malt: Pilsner, Chit Wheat, Dextrose.
FG: 3.3
EBC: 9
IBU: 50
Yeast: s-189
  Carton size: 6x4x375ml (24-pack)

Please note, pre-orders for the SWYD DOUBLE IPL will not be dispatched until 25/Nov 2022. If this date is moved for any reason, you will be notified via email.


Remember, just like all of our SWYD releases, this brew will be dead in 8 weeks.

Have you checked out our Spotify playlists @Ballistic Beer Co? We curate a playlist for each release to truly set the mood and this one is no different. Check it out below.

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