Our Story

So, who are Ballistic?

Short answer: we’re a Brisbane-based beer company that makes good craft beer.

No matter if you’re a crafty connoisseur or lager lover, we’ve got a wide range of beer styles and flavours that suit any taste or level of beer obsession.

At the end of the day, it’s about who you want to share a couple of good quality craft beers with, and that’s why we’re dedicated to creating the best beer we can.

A Ballistic venue is more than a place of business - it’s your kinda place. A place away from work and home that invites you in and pours you a glass of your kinda beer.

So how did we get here? Well, it all began, (as most good stories do) with a love of good beer...

Ballistic Beginnings

A banker and brewer walk into a bar…

No, this isn’t a lame joke, this is the way Ballistic Beer began!

You see, our founder, David Kitchen purchased the Salisbury venue in 2015 after securing investment from some mates who bought into his idea of building his own brewery and creating the best beer in Brisbane.

After spending $50 in advertising for a brewer, David managed to convince Lachlan to relocate back to Brisbane from London, and they quickly set to work on building the Ballistic brand, so named after finding out the venue was an old WW2 Munitions factory.

The grand opening saw over 1000 people lined up around the corner, cementing the space as a place where anyone can come for a relaxing brewhouse experience.

And they were on to a good thing - in the first year of trading, they scored four gold medals, plus nominations for Best Bartender and Best Brewer at The Beeries awards, and grew the team from two to 20!

With five locations down (and more to come!), Ballistic is now one of the largest independent breweries in Queensland.

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