Keen to stock Ballistic?

You've come to the fist place! clearly you like offering good beer that’s fresh and tasty, and we like brewing it. A perfect match!

Why have a craft beer product?

We believe when a better beer is served in any venue, it transforms from just being a simple beverage to slacken thirst, to enhancing the overall dining experience for a customer.  Why?  More flavour is one reason.  However, our research has shown that for many people, while they regularly drink a commercial lager, drinking a craft beer is usually done as a little treat, something you do to mark a moment.  Whether it’s a celebration or simply because you have got a chance to be out with the family and have a fun time, a craft beer makes that moment a little more special

Why consider Ballistic Beer?

We are one of the leading craft brewers in Queensland, Australia.
Ballistic has gained a well-earned reputation for making approachable, innovative & well-balanced beers.

This is a great opportunity to be part of the Ballistic journey, we will always around your questions and assist with ordering.

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