Bunker Vault Shirt


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Beer never goes out of style - and neither will this tee!

Screenprinted and available up to a size XXL, take your wardrobe to the next level with this Bunker Vault Tshirt, designed by Thom Stuart to celebrate our Vault release. 

About the Artist: Thom is a painter from the Sunshine Coast. His work references a mix of botanical motifs, marks and surface textures in both natural and artificial colour scapes, to create a language that reflects the contemporary Australian landscape. He uses a mix of traditional and urban painting approaches, as well as print-making and drawing techniques, to create meaningful work that has an inherent underlying visual beauty.

Ballistic is proud to partner with such a talented local artist. Shop yours now, exclusive to our online store. Want more Bunker merch? Check out our Ballistic Bunker Coaster.

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