Best Reason Ever Promotion

20 August 2020

Cool photos = Cooler Beer

We launched our Core Range in April with the #bestreasonever campaign line, and we have been adverting with it ever since. However, we pride ourselves on being authentic and true to the brand. While we have our ideas of what the best reason ever is, we want to know yours, and we'll reward you for the best ones. We are offering a promotion to find our favourite reasons to enjoy a Ballistic Beer. Either by photo or video, we want you to submit your #bestreasonever. As a thank you, we are offering the best five entries a very exclusive limited release pack that includes: - Eight cans of our next five limited releases. Posted on the canning day. - Next two SWYD t-shirts - One Ballistic Hawaiian Shirt - One carton of beer of your choice from our Core or Always Available Range. To submit your image with a Ballistic Beer, you can either email it to us at, post it on Facebook or Instagram using the #bestreasonever hashtag or sign up to our Ballistic Beer Buds group and post it there. We will then choose our favourite ten entries. The final five will be voted by you in the Ballistic Beer Buds group. Entries will be judged on Originality, photo quality and tag line. Any images taken and entered we would like to be able to re-use for marketing purposes. All entrants must be over 18 and people in photos over 25. Please do not engage in any high-risk activity or irresponsible consumption of alcohol. Competition submissions close on Sunday the 20th of September. If you need inspiration, check out some of the images we've come up with so far below.

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