Brewer Thinks He Can Cook

17 October 2018

Lachy Crothers, Ballistic Head Brewer, for one night only will be swapping his iconic Ballistic Hawaiian shirt for the classics Whites and a beard net. Look out Brisbane, the Brewer thinks he can cook. Those who know Lachy’s work know that he can cook up a storm in the brewery, but can he do so in the kitchen?

Brewer Thinks He Can Cook is an evening where we present a special menu curated in collaboration by Lachy and Nick, our Head Chef at Ballistic West End. Inspired by nostalgic past-times, Lachy will be sharing his story through the experience of food, beer, and community.

On the night our doors will be open to all, with a Brewer Thinks He Can Cook special menu on offer as well as our regular Ballistic West End menu. The two flavour fanatics have worked on the menu the past month to ensure they’ve sourced the most local, fresh produce available to bring Lachy’s memories to life. The menu presents three decadent courses, carefully constructed so each meal can be masterfully paired with a Ballistic Beer.

Brewer Thinks He Can Cook
Free entry
Saturday 27th October
Three courses for $60pp
Beer matching $20pp
Wine matching $25pp

Event Menu

First Course
Red claw yabby ravioli in a rich tomato and yabby bisque, with fresh basil.

Suggested Beer: Ballistic Pale Ale

Lachy grew up on a farm in WA, catching yabbies out of a creek. He was eight years old and remembers when his family would cook them up for dinner. He’d sit out on the front lawn with his old man and a bucket of yabby claws, watching the sunset while his dad would enjoy a beer. Here’s a Ballistic West End spin on a long-lasting Crother’s tradition.

Second Course
Four pin lamb rack with potato and zucchini mille feuille and rosemary mint jus.

Suggested Beer: Grandfather Oaked Ale

Lachy’s old man used to cook the life out of lamb chops. He’d grill them until they resembled a bit of charcoal, and slapped them on a plate with some cold mashed potato. It’s a warm, toasty memory that Lachy shared with Nick who, using his lifetime of culinary experience has turn this crispy memory into a decadent, restaurant-quality meal to be enjoyed by all. Sourcing locally produced lamb, Lachy says his Dad will be proud of this one.... thanks to Nick.

Lemon curd and lavender tart with chantilly.

Suggested Beer: Dirty Word Lager

“We used to ride down to a neighbouring farm and would pick lemons to take home to Mum.” When Lachy grew up on the farm, him and his mates made their own adventures, even if it meant the thrill of nicking a few, fresh lemons from his neighbours. With the lemons, his Mum used to make lemon tart. Our Chef, Nick has worked to re-animate this creation so you can indulge in a childhood dessert we all know and love.

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