Four Pack Exchange Program

04 October 2018

Four Pack Exchange Program: Save the world one four pack at a time!

Our team at Ballistic Beer are always looking to develop more sustainable systems to reduce waste and lessen our impact on the environment. Our care goes beyond brewing the best beer. It’s also about doing what we do best in the most positive way possible. We would like to introduce you to our new Four Pack Exchange Program!

You’ve probably heard it by now, but those cans that carry the best beverage in the world, they’re recyclable! We encourage you to recycle your cans either via your council-provided bins (You know, those ones with the yellow lid? You can’t miss them.) or dedicated recycling facilities which you can find via Recycling Near You.

So, why are we having this conversation? Our team has come up with a solution to reward our customers for joining us on this journey to drinking beer for good!

Our four pack holders are made of a material called High Density Polyethylene (HDPE). It’s FDA approved and crazy durable! So durable that it can also be used for engineering purposes; pipe grade construction, water tanks etc.

What do you usually do with your four pack holders once you’re finished with them? If you’re already putting them in your recycling bin, then good on you! If not, then we want to sway your habits a little bit.

Our Four Pack Exchange Program has been designed to reward you for your good intentions and positive beer impact. If you’ve bought a Ballistic Beer from our Brewery or another retailer, hold tight to those black four pack holders! When you make your next takeaway purchase at the Brewery, you’ll receive a card for our Exchange Program.

How Does It Work?

Your card represents your contribution to our Four Pack Exchange Program. Every time you bring back a four pack holder, you get a tick! Now we’ll be able to reuse and recycle these very durable carriers. Return six four pack holders to the Ballistic Brewery in exchange for a small beer of your choice!

Now that’s something we can cheers to! Here’s to drinking smarter and saving the world one four pack at a time!

Want to know what else were doing to make a difference? Check out our collaboration with The Good Beer Co for Great Barrier Beer!

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