Introducing Revelation IPA

08 February 2019

Nearly three years ago, on the basis of a skype interview with Lachy, sitting in a bedsit over a kebab shop in London, I was able to entice Lachlan back to Australia to brew for Ballistic. When Lachlan arrived in Salisbury for the first time, he told me he had already decided on the four beers he wanted to brew and had names for three! - Pilot Light Table Beer, Dirty Word Lager, Australian Psycho IPA and a rich oaked English Ale.

We came up with the name "Grandfather" at the Hedge coffee shop in about 15 minutes on the day we were due to open, after agonsing over it for weeks. These four beers are our babies and over the two years we have been operating, have become the absolute mainstay of Ballistic's core range, along with a new upstart - Ballistic Pale Ale. Now, with some sadness, we must put an end to one of our babies. Australian Psycho was named after the the movie "American Psycho", but with the clear Aussie moniker because this beer has been built on all-Australian hops. We have an amazing hop industry in Australia and we wanted to showcase that our hops could make a beer that easily stood up to anything coming out of the States. Over the two years though, and through our support of RUOK, we realised that perhaps, Aussie Psycho was not really in the spirit of our support for mental health, something that is growing in importance each year. So we have decided to re-name our IPA. Say good bye to Australian Psycho and hello to Revelation IPA!

Why Revelation? Because we still want people to realise how brilliant Australian hops can be, and we believe this beer can be a revelation for anyone that has not tried Aussie-hopped IPAs before. Or just maybe, because it is just a revelation how bloody good this beer is and how good Lachlan and the team are at making great, super-flavoursome but always drinkable beers. So, AP - you did us proud, but it's time to move on. Long live the Revelation!

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