March Wrap Up 2022

05 April 2022
March is a big month for Ballistic. In previous years, we celebrated Ballistic’s birthday based on the date the bar at Salisbury opened in 2017. However, as we opened more venues, that date became less relevant, so last year we made the decision to celebrate when the company actually started operating. I signed a lease at the start of 2016, advertised for a Head Brewer, did a skype interview with Lachlan, in a bedsit above a kebab shop in London and convinced him to come back to Australia. For that whole year, Lachlan sat by himself in our one office in Salisbury designing our brewhouse and organising trenches in the floor. I came in on Fridays and we worked through what needed to be done to get the brewery started. By the end of the year, we had an operating brewery and our first beers in tank. I have to admit the date is still a little awry as technically, Ballistic was founded a year earlier, when I spent every Friday at home writing business plans and seeking funding for the brewery. In its early days, the company was called a couple of other names – Atlas Brewing Co (the mythical guy with the world on his shoulders) and Sirius Brewing (after one of the convict boats that came to Australia). I am pretty happy we finally settled on Ballistic, but that’s another story! I would like to thank all those who came down over the last weekend to celebrate our 6th birthday. It was great to catch up with a lot of people who have been with us from Day 1. I spoke to one gentleman who attended a how-to-brew course we ran even before we had opened the brewery. He bought our first T-shirt and was probably the first time Ballistic actually made a sale. I talked to others who have been to every birthday event. I hope those who attended our new venues in Bundaberg and Airlie Beach will look back with fondness in 6 years’ time and remember all the birthdays held up there. A special thanks to the brewers at each venue who made some fantastic beers. I think the hands down favourite was the Lokum Turkish Delight beer. It could have been way over the top, but it’s a beautiful balanced beer even without knowing that it was modelled on my favourite chocolate bar. Also, a huge thanks to all our hospo and office staff who worked on the day. It’s a massive day for them working to make your day wonderful. And then they had to front up on Sunday! Thank you everyone for your work. Finally, my thoughts to all of you who were affected by the flooding. I, personally, have never had to experience the devastation it causes and can only imagine the loss you have all felt. I hope you are all able to return to some sort of normal life soon. I hope you have a great April and, touch wood, it will be a better month than we have had so far this year.

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