What's the latest at Ballistic?

17 June 2022

Welcome to Winter.  Hopefully, we have seen an end to the constant stream of wet weather and cold winds, and everyone can get out and about again. 

We have had a few new additions to the team during the last month.  I am very happy to welcome Ian Watson on board as our new Salisbury Site Head Brewer.  Ian has enormous experience in craft beer, having worked in the industry for nearly 20 years.  Ian will be heading the brew team as Lachlan steps away from the day-to-day brewing to manage major projects and the strategic direction of the brewery.  We also welcome Adam to the brew team.  Adam has stepped in at a difficult time, with sickness and covid affecting quite a few of our brewers.  Straight into the frypan for Adam, but he has done a great job and helped to relieve the workload.  Stacey started work last week in the marketing department as our in-house graphic designer.  Our new lab tech, Charitee, is gaining work experience helping run our lab while completing her last subjects at uni.  And finally, welcome to Athena, my new Office Assistant.  It has been great giving Athena a heap of the jobs I would normally do, though  I still don’t seem to have any spare time!  If you want something done, contact Athena.

For those who got to drink the Easy Stout we just released, I am sure you will agree it was a cracker.  Unfortunately, it sold out in near-record time and if you haven’t had it, it’s too late!  If we can squeeze another batch in down the track, we will certainly give it a go, but no promises.  Great work from the brewers.  Best keep an eye out for our new Collaboration IPA series.  We are doing these beers with some very respected breweries around the world, based in New Zealand, Vietnam, the UK and US.  These will also be limited batches so don’t hang around when you see they are available.  They will run out quickly too.

At the end of this month, I will be participating for the first time in the St Vinnies CEO Sleep Out, raising funds for the homeless.  It should be an interesting night, probably freezing.  I believe bedding will consist of a couple of cardboard boxes, pillows not welcome.  I would love for you (when you have finished reading this newsletter) to click on the link, and make a donation in support of this event.  If you are reading this email, you are far better off than the people this sleepout will assist.  Think about how stupidly cold it has been over the last two weeks and give generously – all funds go directly to Vinnies. 

This month we started the weekly Head Office fitness activity.  I am now pilate-ing and cross-fitting each Wednesday.  I hope it will be Pilates I am doing after the sleepout.  Overnight on the ground will definitely leave me with a few aches and pains.

Finally, our new online web shop should be operational by the time you read this.  We have had a few issues with the old software slowly curling up and dying.  Check out the new site, stay inside and order the next Collab IPA from the comfort of your own couch.

Stay warm and look after yourselves. 

Cheers  David

CEO Sleep Out - David Kitchen


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